You are in the business of helping others; we provide innovative strategies for your foundation’s future funding needs.


How many times have you been solicited by a product salesperson promising something new that will “help your mission”?

Products are not the solution, but a funding mechanism, and used incorrectly often lead to disaster.  The true solution depends on your organizations short-term, mid-term and long-term needs.

We are a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable planners, attorney’s, accountants and former executive directors that understand your unique needs.  We take a planning approach to your organization; working with your executive team to first determine what are your short, mid and long term goals.  What are any potential obstacles as well as any potential advantages your organization may have regarding your goals.  Once we have a true understanding of all goals do we set out to formulate a strategy that best fits your organizations unique needs.

Whether you are national or local not-for-profit, we are confident we can show you a successful and sustainable path to serving your mission with our not-for-profit financial strategies.

Employee Benefits at Substantial Savings:

While the organization’s charter is to provide for a certain mission, the people that provide those services need to be taken care of as well, after all, without them your organization is just a name and a mission statement.  Providing certain benefits can be costly.

Using our Deminimus program, organizations have found that they have the potential to cut certain benefit costs up to half while still maintaining the same level of benefit, and in some circumstances with better overall benefits.